COVID-19 Preparedness



The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is challenges for all of us, but especially older adults and people with chronic conditions who are most vulnerable to the virus.Our in-home care makes it possible for older adults to heed the CDC’s recommendation for social distancing while continuing to receive the care they need to manage existing medical conditions.

We  believe that the care we deliver is lower risk than the delivery of care in other settings, where

patients are more likely to be exposed. In-home care can help prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

We are taking every possible precaution to protect our patients, and our staff from the spread of the virus:

  • Every in-home staff must pass a daily health screening before being approved for patient visits

  • We have restricted access to our office for visitors, as well as clinicians to minimize our exposure to COVID-19

  • We are utilizing the use of online technology when appropriate

  • We are conducting risk assessments on every patient who is referred to our service or currently on our service

  • We require personal protective equipment when treating patients with confirmed positive COVID-19 tests and those under home monitoring for coronavirus

  • We have provided updated training on infectious disease control to all of our employees, including the proper use of protective equipment

  • We’ve established a multi-disciplinary task force to coordinate and lead our efforts related to COVID-19


Positive Health Services is also working with local county  health departments, IDPH and the CDC, to help administer the Covid-19 vaccines to local communities to combat the Covid-19 virus .